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How can I find Cheap Web Hosting and still get Quality Service?

Web hosting is a competitive business. Just because the web hosting is cheap, does not mean that it is not a quality service. Like name-brand clothing, sometimes when you pay more for a big name, you are paying mostly for the name and not for the quality. Most of us want to find the best deal for our money, so it is worth investigating. Look for the following requirements to ensure you have chosen a quality cheap web host.

Disk Space and Applications

First you’ll need to find how much space you will need for your website. The computer language for space is Megabytes (MB). Most websites (about 90%) need less than 100 MB's (megabytes) to handle the files and images with ease. A good rule of thumb, the average website shouldn’t cost anymore than $0.10 per MB. If the cheap web host fits within this rule, than you can know you are getting a good deal. Just 5 Bucks Hosting is a great example of a site that easily meets the cost per MB requirement.

Next, you’ll want to examine the bandwidth. Bandwidth has to do with the data transfer (how fast your pictures and files can be sent to others) and the computer term for this is Gigabytes (GB). An average web site shouldn’t cost more than $3 per GB. Again Just 5 Bucks Hosting is a low cost web site host that fits the GB requirements.

Avoid long-term contracts

Look for a low cost web site hosting company that offers monthly contracts so you can test the waters to see if the web host is as good as it seems. is a good example of a low cost host that offers monthly contracts. Some inexpensive hosting sites want you to sign a yearly contract to use their hosting services. These cheap hosting sites may offer discounts for signing up long term. However, these web hosts can go out of business or want you to move to another web hosting site and then you may lose out on many months of hosting fees.


Some people think that the more money you pay to a host company the better service you're going to get, which isn't always the case. Cheap web hosts can have great support though it is something you will want to check. A good way to find out if the low-cost host you are investigating has good support is to sign up for a month and then use their support services often and see what kind of response you receive. Just 5 Bucks Hosting is one of those companies that has an online ticketing system (kind of like email except you enter the question right on their site) so you get fast almost immediate response to your questions.

Many of us are afraid to try things that we don’t know. We will often choose a name brand and pay more just because we don’t know any better. It is definitely worth the time and money to investigate cheap web hosting companies. Who knows, you may just find something that really is “too good to be true.”

Catherine Duke, B.S.

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