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Collecting Handmade Jewelry

In the hustle-and-bustle of our whirlwind existence, where we pass each other on the street without so much as a “how-do-you-do” it is easy to fade into the masses. Custom Hand crafted Jewelry makes a uncommon statement and is a great way to indicate your individuality.

With mass-produced jewellery absorbing more space in even some contemporary jewelry stores, the design-centric customer has to search far and wide to find artisan jewelry. The personal touch of knowing not only that you are purchasing custom art, but also gaining personal knowledge about the jewelry artist that made the creation and their vision inherent in their work, adds a whole extra level of meaning to your artisan jewelry collection.

Unique handmade jewelry, fine art jewelry, artisan jewelry, and wearable art jewelry have become one of the mainstays of the fine art gallery as well as being a huge draw at fine craft festivals. With thousands of jewelry designers all vying for the buyer's attention, it is essential to have the gallery owner filter out the mediocre and collect the best fine art jewelery around. That is precisely what we have done at for you.

• Adorn your ears with eccentric handmade earrings by Bijou Graphique. Dawn Estrin's unparalleled vision ranges from art deco lockets to funky photo montage brooches and ear rings.

• Unique gemstone jewelry and hand made sterling silver jewelry by Robyn Rosen. Her unique fashion jewelry design embraces a broad array of styles, including peyote stitch beadwork, hand-formed wire jewelry, hammered metal, and polymer clay sculpting.


Handcrafted necklace designs by Amber Zehnder. She incorporates the art of glass fusing and lamp-working techniques with sterling silver wire to create her sensational one of a kind necklaces.

• Kiln-fired glass art jewelry by Sol Mesz. Sol makes her unique artisan jewelry using a 500 year old technique in her glass work.

• Beaded handmade jewelry and handcrafted bracelets by Claudia Chase. Her unique seed bead jewelry integrates her weaving proficiencies using a combination of glass beads, semi-precious stones and crystals.

• Seed bead applique work by Ileana Munteanu. Her work includes hand crafted beaded jewelry and unique jewelry boxes made with genuine pearls and seed beads sewn together in a unique stitching process.



Unique artisan jewelry by Kariann Price. Her handcrafted custom jewellery has won many awards for creativeness as well as fine craftsmanship

• The unique silver jewelry of Kathy Augustine. She uses certain stones for their healing powers in her collection of handmade silver earrings. Her whimsical sterling silver bracelets are engraved with insightful quotes by famous philosophers such as Hippocrates.

The human race have embellished themselves with all sorts of accouterments through the centuries in order to proclaim themselves as unique and special creatures. The art of embellishing the body with precious stone and every manner of jewelry design is a time honored tradition going all the way back to early man. In cotemporary day the art of beautifying our bodies with jewelry is not only for the purpose of complimenting our chosen outfit. It continues to imply more exalted meaning, it is simply and irrevocably a means of self-expression and pure delight.

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