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Low Self-Esteem - An Epedemic

Today self-worth is determined by what society deems makes a person most worthy. "We reserve our praise and admiration for those who have been blessed with characteristics we value most highly." Physical attractiveness, intellligence, and talents are ways that we judge others and determine who is more valuable. It is no wonder that children and adults alike are suffering from this epedemic.

Physical Attractiveness
As soon as a baby is born, we are consumed by how he or she looks. The baby is either beautiful or homely. Beautiful babies are put on a pedastal; they recieve attention and win baby beauty pageants. Children are keenly aware of how important physical attractiveness is in evaluating self-worth. The following example illustrates my point.

One mom tells Sally, "You sure are the pretty one in this family." Ruth, listening in, might automatically think, "Well, if she's the pretty one then I must be the ugly one." The mom probably didn't realize how much attention she was giving to Sally and that her comment could be hurtful to Ruth. We don't realize because it is so ingrained in us to notice looks. "Wow, you've lost weight. You look great," is a comment made often in my family. I may enjoy the compliment, but it sure gets me thinking about my weight. Common thoughts I have are, "Was I really so fat before? Do people value me more when I'm skinny?" We cannot choose much they way we look; it seems silly that our physical appearance contributes so much to feelings of self-worth.

Society also places great emphasis on intelligence. Those with book smarts are valued highly. These people usually get the best jobs and make the most money; naturally, we think they must be better.

Children are labeled "bright" or "slow." We often fail to recognize the different kinds of intelligence; we fail to recognize those with high emotional I.Q's. Those with high emotional I.Q's are kind, generous, empathetic to others, good listeners, and the list could go on and on. Since we are all born with different brains, we are all going to think differently. Basing self-worth on intelligence is silly as well.

Society places greater emphasis on certain talents. The MBA basketball games are played throughout the season, especially during the playoffs. Popular kids in the high schools are on the football or bastketball teams. If a child is slower and not as coordinated, he won't excel in sports. Not everyone is meant to be a sports star; however, childrens' self-esteem can suffer greatly when they notice they aren't good enough at sports. Thus contributing to feelings of low self esteem.

We all have different gifts and talents. There are so many different talents a person could have that I wouldn't have enough space to write them here. Having talents in only certain areas shouldn't determine someone's worth. We can't change societies' views of self-worth, but we can empower children to find out who they are and become their best selves.

No Junk
As a child, I walked into my third grade classroom and the teacher had posted on the door, "I know I'm somebody cause God don't make no junk." I was a shy and insecure child and the saying stuck with me. As I matured and became more confident, I was aware of children who felt like I once did. These children don't raise their hands in class and don't want to be noticed. They listen to everything people say about them; they are afraid of making mistakes and not fitting in socially. I want to go to these children and say, "Hey, your beautiful because you're you. There's no one else with your unique talents and intelligences. Don't worry what people say because your special; God don't make no junk."

Catherine Duke, B.S.

If you have a child with low self esteem be sure to get Reach for the Stars. This game is a treasure to have in any home and it really does build children's self esteem and teaches them values!

What others are saying:

"I highly recommend Reach for the Stars to other therapists, counselors, teachers, parents, and grandparents... this game really helps children with low self esteem!" Norma Blaser, M.S.W. (Child Therapist)

"Because my students want to play Reach for the Stars all the time, I have recommended it to every parent." Janice Oleson, (Teacher)

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