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Home Buying Strategies

Buying a home may very well be one of the biggest events of your life. It goes without saying that it can be exciting, scary, and stressful (all at the same time).

While there are millions of unique scenarios, there are a few basic tips I can offer to help make buying a home a little more exciting, and a little less stressful:

Get Pre Qualified

Basically, what this means is knowing how much home you can afford. A broker or lender with a company like US Mortgage and Loan can pre-qualify you in just minutes. Getting pre-qualified has certain advantages:
  • It lets you know your price range.
  • It improves the chances of your offer being accepted.
  • It simplifies the loan process.
  • It gives you confidence and peace of mind when home shopping.
Armed with your pre-qualification letter, it's time to find a home. Go shopping!

Prepare Your Offer

Ok, so you found the home you want. Now you should make an offer. But your offer should be an "informed" offer. That means you take into account:
1) The average price of comparable homes in the area. 2) How long the average home in the area takes to sell.

Once you have this information (which your real estate agent can provide you), you can make an informed offer.

Make Your Offer

I suggest making two offers. A higher offer with contingencies (like repairing the roof, new carpeting, etc etc); and a lower offer with no contingencies. Most people are programmed into a "yes / no" response mode. Making two offers breaks this pattern and instead makes them focus on deciding which of the two offers to take.

Plus, giving a list of contingencies lowers the sellers perception of his or her home's value, making it more likely that he or she will accept the lower price.

Three things your offer should always have:

No matter what type of offer you are making, you should always use the following three statements in your offer. These three statements allow you to protect yourself, back out of any offer, or assign an offer to anyone at any time.

1) "and/or assigns" - You should always write this phrase after your name on an offer (ex. John Doe and/or assigns). Doing this allows you to assign your offer to anyone at any time before that offer expires. This can be very useful if you find someone that wants to buy the home from you at a higher price. Bottom line, using and/or assigns keeps your options open.

2) "This offer is subject to partner's approval" - This is your escape clause out of any offer. By having this clause in your offer you can legally cancel it at any time. Who is your partner? It can be anyone - it really doesn't matter.

3) "Seller agrees to have the home inspected on or before (date), with offer subject to buyers approval of Home Inspection analysis" - Home inspections are something that many buyers pay for, because it is relatively inexpensive; However, you can request that the sellers pay for it by simply adding something like the statement above to your offer. By having this clause in your offer, you protect yourself in case there's something wrong with the house that you weren't able to find on your own. If the inspector does happen to find something wrong, you have the option to walk away, have the seller fix it at their expense, or have them lower their price.

Applying for your Mortgage

If you're looking to buy or refinance a home, I personally recommend US Mortgage and Loan. Their personal service is refreshing and quite unique. As an online mortgage broker myself, I work with US Mortgage and Loan to help visitors get the very lowest interest rates and best terms. Simply put, US Mortgage and Loan tends to have superior service, is more responsive, and offers some of the lowest mortgage rates available.

What makes US Mortgage and Loan exceptional is they offer you a unique service: a personal loan specialist (like me) at no cost to you. People seem to like this feature quite a bit, because they know exactly who they are dealing with right from the start.

Having a personal loan specialist can also help you avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), get a better rate, and qualify even if you have less than perfect credit. So this is a pretty significant perk.

In closing, buying a home can be exciting and fun. Especially if you prepare well. I hope the above advice helps you do just that. Apply for your FREE, no obligation Rate Quote today!

Jared Yeates
Personal Loan Specialist
Accurate Mortgage

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