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Walking vs. Riding When Playing Golf

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Riding in golf carts is the preferred and number one manner of transportation for golfers nowadays. But quite a few golfers and doctors alike stress that walking as you are playing a game of golf has a lot of benefits. What are these advantages and will they ever be sufficient to affect the preference for Traveling in a cart for many golfers? Letís research this subject.

Walking on the golf course can facilitate to get you physically fit, which is a critical item to make in mind. Walking is one of the most elementary types of physical exertion so it makes good sense to walk rather than lease a golf cart. One study showed that playing a complete round of golf while walking was equivalent to a 45-minute physical fitness session. And you can get this exercise without strain. If packing your golf clubs would be too heavy an effort, you can utilise a hand cart to pull your clubs with you.

From a pure enjoyment viewpoint, walking will bring various benefits. It is so much easier to savor the beauty of the golf course when you are not hurrying quickly through on a golf cart. Walking also allows you to concentrate even more on enjoying the round of golf and forgetting the worries of job, family, school, etc for a while. For some reason, I always seem to savor the chatter even more when we are walking rather than Driving.

Numbers of golfers will tell you that they play better golf when they walk. Being relaxed is so very important to a good golf swing. These golfers will let you know that they are able to keep the rhythm of their swing smoother and slower, which decidedly helps their shots. Walking also gives you time to forget about a blown golf shot before your find your ball and have to prepare for the next shot.

You can take advantage of a number of good golf tips when walking which is more difficult to do when Riding in a golf cart. Number one, you can analyze your lie and the next shot from multiple angles as you walk towards your ball. Second you have more time to consider the pros and cons of the different shots that you can try from your current position. Lastly, you also have even more time to clear your head and concentrate on the following shot, while blocking out everything else.

If even more golfers walked, it would also reduce wear and tear on golf courses. Care of the course is a big expense for public and private golf courses. Golf carts are rough on the fairways, particularly since Numbers of golfers won't pay attention to the conditions of the course or to things such as 90 degree rules or holes designated as cart path only.

Golfers are becoming more aware of these rewards every day. But will they be sufficient to significantly change the number of riders versus walkers? It appears doubtful at this point, but each of us can do our part by walking more and spreading the story on the advantages of walking while enjoying a game of golf.

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