Self Esteem Game
REACH for the STARS!

Fun kids game builds
your child's self esteem
and teaches them values!

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Positive Reinforcement spaces and card examples:
Say two nice things about each player.
Stand up and shout "I'm happy to be me!"

Reward card examples: (Your children learn that doing good things brings rewards.)

A friend wants you to steal, but you know it is wrong. You stand for the right and do not go along. (Move forward 4 spaces)
Helping and giving are things you do well, you're coming along and growing up swell! (Move forward 2 spaces)

Punishment card examples: (Your children learn that there is a punishment for doing wrong, but they also learn how to correct their mistakes.)

Oh Dear! You broke your mothers plate and you lied about it! (Move back 3 spaces)
-what should you have done?
-how can you make it better?
You didn't play fair even though you won, you still feel bad inside. (Move back 3 spaces)
-what should you have done?
-how can you make it better?

There are over 150 positive cards and spaces in the game! You have just read a few of the fun things children learn when they play "Reach for the Stars." Your children need this kind of positive reinforcement and boost to their self esteem as they grow and mature.

This game is based on years of research and features colorful players and pieces to enhance every child's imagination. "Reach for the Stars" is a wonderful game with thousands of copies sold.

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