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"Five Recommendations to Strengthen You and
your Sweetheart's Communication"

by Susie and Otto Collins, Relationship Coaches

If there is any relationship advice that we could give about
strengthening communication in your relationship it is to
begin focusing on your relationship.

Focusing on you and your significant other's communication
can occur using a number of strategies. Whether you need
dating tips and dating advice or marriage advice, any of these
examples could aid communication in your relationship.

1. If you and your loved one need to improve communication
and keep your friendship lively and flourishing, you have to
allow the time and care it takes to improve it. It does not matter
words you and your loved one say or mean about your communication.
Your actions are what make the difference.

Tip: Examine your reactions in you and your significant other's
interactions and be confidant that your actions are compatible with
what you say your intentions are. Are you and your loved one
giving adequate time and energy communicating with one another?
Are you and your loved one finding romantic ideas to make things

2. Ponder what exactly you like and just adore concerning your
sweetheart rather than the things you don't like. We honestly do
obtain more of what we focus on. If you and your sweetheart
would like to stave off jealousy, infidelity, affairs, a breakup and
even divorce, commence being immersed in what's fantastic in
you and your loved one's relationship and not on the bad.

Tip: Cease to talk as you start to criticize your significant other,
with words or possibly in your mind. Change your attention to
the things you love concerning your significant other and begin
to find out how your interaction becomes better.

3. Exhibit gratitude for your loved one and what they mean to you.
You and your loved one might be thinking that you need to say
"thank you" and merely have not taken the time or energy to
express your love in that way. We encourage you to make a habit
of enunciating appreciation.

Tip: Look at what your loved one continually does for you or what
they mean to you and communicate gratitude about it. An illustration
might be something as simple as "You have beautiful eyes" or "I
appreciate you doing the dishes."

4. State what you want in the relationship. Just about all couples
require their partners to be mind readers. If you and your sweetheart are
waiting for each other to be psychics, you may experience a terrible
journey. If you and your significant other desire your basic needs to
be satisfied, you have to discuss with your partner exactly what these
wishes include.

Suggestion: What wants have you been waiting to verbalize
to your loved one? It won't matter if it is a wish to have more "dates
to the movies" with the person, a little more romance, more assistance
with household tasks, a move-up at the workplace, or a lunch date with
another couple, the only way of getting what you want is to express yourself.

5. Be willing to chance opening your heart, even if you have faced a breakup
or divorce in the past, and permit others into your heart. It's possible to be in
a bond with someone for a lot of years and still not allow another individual
to get in the high walls we erect around our hearts.

Suggestion: Explore what walls you and your loved one have built
to prevent others from coming in. Pick one family relationship and begin o
pening your heart to that human being.

These relationship tips are generated with the wish that you and your significant
other will utilize them to make relationships that are romantic, active and

For more relationship tips, visit

*Note: Reach for the Stars Game is not affiliated with the authors of these articles or responsible for there content.

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