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Trends in Wedding Favors

It never fails to surprise people how many kinds of wedding favor are available. There are even trends in wedding favors, did you know that? While most people are interested in displaying cheap wedding favors, they don't exactly want their guests to know they were cheap. They want them to think that the favors on their table are trendy wedding favors. So it's time to think outside the wedding favor box. Luckily there is no shortage of wedding favor ideas.

What makes a trend? One thing that always seems in vogue is a unique wedding favor. That's easy enough to say, but how easy is it to find a unique wedding favor? Or what about a special wedding party favor? Those aren't easy to find either! Luckily, we are here to provide a guide for you so we can help you find just the right favor.

Wedding Party Favor trends (works also for wedding shower favor trends)

Finding just the right wedding party favor is not easy. One good wedding favor idea is to give your groomsmen cigars or shot glasses and you can give your bridesmaids things like necklaces, purses or other pretty and feminine but still very memorable keepsakes!

Another wedding favor idea is to make your own favors with specialized wedding favor boxes. You can buy these and then buy things like candy or pretty beads separately and fill them yourself! You can even have a whole party centered around packing fun goodies into those wedding favor boxes.

Beach wedding favor trends

So you want to involve the sun and the surf in your ceremony? What a great idea! You can really do something special and cool whenever you involve the water. A fantastic beach wedding favor idea are pretty candles with shells and other fun beach items in them. They can even be bought in things like "ocean breeze" and other pretty water scents to just really bring the beach theme home. It's one thing to invite your guests to your wedding. It's another to invite them to a gorgeous water themed beach wedding. But giving them beach wedding favors is the best way that they will never forget your wedding. Ever!

Personalized wedding favor trends

What is more special and more memorable than a personalized wedding favor. You have a chance to literally put your stamp on things and make it really your own. You can choose from engraving things like your name and the wedding date on some silver, or you can have something made of fabric embroidered! It seems like the choices are endless, doesn't it? Personalized wedding favors are surely the way to go! Especially since there are low cost versions of them that are considered cheap wedding favors!

Chocolate wedding favor trends to serve as your wedding reception favors

If you really want to give your wedding guests a special treat, and one that just about everyone in the world absolutely loves, you should try to find chocolate wedding favors. It's a yummy edible delicious wedding favor idea! Another delicious one is cookie wedding favors! From young to old, and in any culture or with any theme, cookie wedding favors are incredibly popular and great!

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