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Drinking Water Treatment: Size and Design Determine Your Best Choice

Mr. Water Filter's Store offers a huge selection of top ranked drinking water purifiers along with information that can help you select the best water purification system for your home. Visit Mr. Water Filter for all your water filter needs.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis water purification is a slow process, so a pressurized storage tank holds the water that has been purified for later use. If there is not plenty of extra space under the counter a system that uses reverse osmosis is not for you. In addition, you should know that reverse osmosis filtration isn't any longer the best water filter for your money.

Water Filters that Mount on Your Faucet

Faucet mounted water filters are installed on the existing faucet and have a valve so you can get filtered water at the filp of a switch. Water Filters Mounted on the Faucet cannot filter the water very well, as only a small replacement filter cartridge, most often only including granular activated carbon, which is unable to filter heavy metals.

Overall, a counter top water filter including carbon block resin filtration media is better than anything small enough to mount on your faucet.

Filtered Water Pitchers

Water filter pitchers work by passing your water through a filter cartridge via the force of gravity. Water filters of this design are not recommended since it is not possible to use substantial filtration, like ceramic media, because only gravity is used to push the water through the filter, rather than municipal water pressure. Filters of this design are very very slow systems to output drinking water and offer few options for filtration cartridges.

Water Filtration that is Portable

For people on the move, portable water filtration systems are a necessity. These range from water filter sports bottles to two stage counter top water filters.

Refrigerator Water Filter Systems

Drinking water filters for the refrigerator just get attached on your plumbed refrigerator to provide filtered drinking water and ice from your plumbed refrigerator.

A refrigerator water filter system will protect your family from pollutants that get into your bottled drinks via your refrigerator built in ice maker. If you do not use filtered water for cooking, purifying the water or ice that comes from your water dispensing fridge could be good enough. Filtration systems for your refrigerator are kin to filters for the water input to an ice maker, the only change is what kind of appliance to which you attach them.

Water Coolers that Include Filtration Systems

water coolers that filter the water are not confined for use in the office anymore. Most moms try to get their kids to drink more water to limit soft drinks, and are excited about their kids getting refills while avoiding a trip to the fridge.

a quality water cooler with a filter makes pure hot or cold drinking water on demand, so you can use it when the weather is cold or hot. And most important, your drinking water is safe and tastes great without having to be home for water delivery every week.

Drinking water filtration for your family can be found in assorted styles. Each design features upsides and downsides, so deciding on a good style to fit your home, your requirements, and your free space is an important phase in the buying process.

Water Filters Designed for the Counter Top

Water Filters for your Counter Top can be easily installed and removed, so they are perfect for apartment living or when a temporary installation is needed. In addition, you don't have to drill a hole in your sink to place a counter top water filter in your home and a small counter top water filter occupies no more counter space than a vase of flowers. A counter top water filter is the best choice when your under the counter space is unavailable.

Under Sink Water Filters

A water filter you can install under the kitchen sink preserves working countertop space and provides a durable install. Because water Filters to Install Under Your Sink are installed out of sight, under a sink, they can be larger, and thus offer the best drinking water. A two canister under sink water filtration system gives quality safety for your family, with a minimum space requirements under your sink.

This water filter style is sometimes referred to as under counter water filters, Since they don't have to be installed under the kitchen sink.

After understanding all the designs, you should be able through easily choose the layout of a drinking water filter that fulfulls your drinking water needs. A big part of your selection comes down to the space availability installed in your house and how you use filtered water.

*Note: Reach for the Stars Game is not affiliated with the authors of these articles or responsible for there content.

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