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Make a Fashion Statement with Wearable Art

dressIn today’s world of style unique clothing is frequently referred to as wearable art. The advancement of style and the advancement of artistic production have a good deal in common, each is the “facade”, the look, the materialization of their place in history. As artistic creation has gone across the ages it has travelled through assorted fads & trends from the remarkably ostentatious rococo to sparse minimalism. The wearable arts have also had a corresponding story, but with every place in history there has usually been the interlacing common thread where the vesture helps to describe our placement in society. Married women donned predetermined manners of aprons, widows wore black clothing, clergy don a specific vestments for specific events and in various societies every decorative mark and coloration may symbolise some facet of your standing in your community.

We can study painted images created throughout the ages and can pin down the time period according to the couture worn by the people being portrayed. As the Hollywood of today is extremely dependant on wardrobe designers that are well versed in the history of wearable arts. It is crucial for them to characterize a time period precisely, according to the latest styles of the era. We look on the expansive dresses and layer upon layer of undergarments worn in Gone by the Wind. And who can forget Twiggy and her renowned mini-skirt!

In cotemporary society, self-expression has almost become a cult so we find the artisan in the contemporary American craft community starting to make art to wear that is just right for the daily grind, no longer is it only for the “runway”. The wearable arts are not just for fashionable New York models anymore. Wearable art clothes as well as wearable art jewelry are rapidly turning into one of the most simple ways for women to “make a statement” about who they are and the contemporary American craft world is rapidly catching on to the craze.

Wearable Art Clothes – The vibrant colors and striking shapes of Horst Couture’s unique felted wool wearable art clothing are wonderful examples of “art to wear” for everyday life. His wearable art jackets and wearable art dresses are outstanding! Yet this handcrafted clothing is affordable and comfy enough to don for a outting to the grocery.

jacketHand crafted Purses and Bags – The “handbag as fashion statement” has rapidly eclipsed the practical nature of a ladies pocketbook. There is just so much that you can do with this accessory that it is hard to refrain from having a closet full of unique handbags! Marie Archuleta takes a mere bit of textile, blends hand crafted beads and fringe into the mix and voila, another fun and fashionable work of art to carry around with you during your day.

Handpainted Silk Scarves – Scarves gussy up your blue jean* and tee shirt, or can be the ideal finishing touch to that evening gown. They can no longer limited to being worn around your neck or on your head. Many stylish women can be seen with a elegant scarf tied around their waist, draping and accenting their hips. You'll find shibori scarves being worn as belts and hat bands.

Although the stern decrees and much of the social implications have fallen away in modern society, wearable art clothing continues to be one of our most unclouded forms of non-verbal communication. We make a personalized statement with our unique clothing. It individualizes us in a culture that persists in becoming more and more gentrified all the time.

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