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Self Esteem Game - Reach for the Stars
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Since 1932, the Weatherproof Zippo lighter has Been a Lifelong Companion and Tool for User and Collectors Alike

George G. Blaisdell invented the Zippo lighter in 1932, and got his thought after discovering a overly large Austrian made pocket lighter. Blaisdell was an oil drilling engineer who saw a audience for a good looking lighter that would stay lit even in harsh conditions. He created the first Zippo lighter in Bradford, Pennsylvania. It got its zippo identity as Blaisdell liked the sound of the word zipper

A Zippo Lighter is a refillable, brass or stainless steel lighter. They are highly collectible and 100s, if not 1000s of varying custom zippo lighter fashions have been made in the 70 plus years since their first roll-out. From Truck Zippo lighters, to an army zippo lighter to a Engraved Zippo, to a Hand-Carved wood Zippo lighter.

Zippos are occasionally rectangular in design with a one handed easy open lid . Unlike one time use colored plastic lighters that are used and cast aside, Zippos are refilled with a Naphtha based liquid zippo lighter fuel. By taking out the inside component out of the exterior shell, its owner can pour lighter fluid into a cotton wadding that incorporates a wick. The flint, which gives rise to the fire to ignite the cotton wick, can be refilled.

It is low cost and incredibly dependable. Replenishing a zippo lighter is a great deal less costly than purchasing disposable flame sources.

Zippos are classified as windproof lighters, and are usually stay lit in almost any wind condition. They became popular in the United States military, especially in the second world war military Zippo a military zippo lighter was standard issue for all soldiers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. During that period, all Zippo lighters produced went to the Alied forces war effort. In fact, during the conflict, as brass was used for arms, the bowels of zippo lighters were principally stainless steel. Following the war, Zippo reverted to the regular brass design.

An estimated 200,000 Zippo lighters were possessed by U.S. military personnel in the Vietnam conflict. There was one story, a Zippo lighter transported in a shirt pocket blocked a bullet from going in a soldiers body.

Additionally, Zippo lighters are known for the lifetime warranty they have: if a Zippo falls apart, no matter how old, the company will replace or repair the lighter for free.

Zippo now faces two intimidating challenges. Zippo has great brand recognition, stemming from its role as standard GI issue during The Second World War, and the War in Vietnam, but the generation that transported Zippo lighters into battle is quivering. The second problem is that cigarette smoking is trending downward.

Still, Zippo has weathered the storm, as collectors have been the key to substantial growth. After all, smokers might buy only one or two of the lighters--each of which carries a lifetime warrantee. Plenty of 1940s-vintage Zippos still appear for fixes at the Zippo headquarters, which has repaired antique zippo lighters found in the stomachs of fish and old zippo lighters punctured by bullets. Collectors, even so, often buy numerous at a time, give them as gifts, and encourage their family to turn into collectors. Many zippo collectors have thousands of lighters in their zippo lighter collection and keep on buying.

Collectors can accumulate all of their favourite sports teams including the National football league, Major league baseball, and the National basketball association as well as motorsports and fishing Zippos.

It's a fact that more than 90% of American citizens recognize the Zippo brand, and 30% of Zippo's clients are collectors. While a basic brushed-chrome Zippo runs $10.95, Collectible Zippos typically range from $35 to $75, and some as high as $3,000.

Since 1933, over 400,000,000 Zippos have been made. After World War II the Zippo grew to become more and more utilized in advertisements by companies large and small through the 1960's. Although new Zippo lighter styles are always coming out, he basic mechanics of the Zippo has in essence remained the same.

Zippo lighters have reached icon status, which yields the kind of free publicity money cannot buy. Rolling Stone Keith Richards, who smokes cigarettes during his act, keeps a Zippo right by guitar. Movie superstars from Bruce Willis to Harrison Ford have utilized Zippos to ignite fuses, burn documents and even to ignite cigarettes.

Zippo is diversifying in other ways, too, with Zippo pens, belt buckles, and money clips, Zippo watches all with a lifetime warrantee.

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